Kahoe Air Balance Company is an independent agency offering Test and
Balance Services for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industr



Kahoe TAB (Test and Balance) Services Include:
-Air and hydronic systems balancing
-Sound and vibration testing
-HEPA filter testing (DOP)
-Smoke evacuation system testing
-Clean room certification
-Pre-construction plans checks and on-site reviews

Engineers know that a comfortable environment is more productive and costs less to operate. This is why they specify TAB for new and existing environmental systems.

To create a comfortable environmental systems must provide a proper balance of temperature, humidity, air movement and cleanliness. Making certain these systems perform as the design engineer intended requires proper testing and balancing.

As a leading independent test and balance company, Kahoe Air Balance can provide you with an unbiased analysis and written record of system performance, involves the testing, adjusting, and balancing of each component to make sure each system will achieve its original performance objectives.


Proud Member Of
Associated Air Balance Council

Branch Office Contacts:
Cleveland: Gary Moran

Pittsburgh: Griffith Severin

Columbus: Andy Steiskal

Cincinnati/Dayton: Doug Meacham

Corporate Headquarters: 35601 Curtis Boulevard
Eastlake, OH 44095
Phone: 440-946-4300
Phone (inside Ohio only) :1-800-783-5246
Commissioning: 1-888-KAHOECO
440-946-2553 E-Mail: sales@kahoe.com


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